Angela Sidwell

Venturing close to home, it takes little time to witness the forces of nature as it appropriates spaces abandoned or under looked by man. Between the layers of the domestic, industrial or discarded, a seed will find sustenance to flourish, a bird seeks out a safe niche to nest and breed, and a fox winds in and out of quiet edges.

My work examines the relationships between human and non-human animals, and the blurring of spaces where urban environment meets nature. I am always hesitant to use the term “nature”, as it implies that there is a divide between us and it, and this question is at the heart of what inspires my practice.

My sculptures are fragmented as I am not seeking to capture a spirit or a moment in time, on the contrary – they are an invitation to the viewer, to move in and inhabit their world.

The fibres in paper clay allow me to stretch and tear, pushing the material as far as I can before it breaks, the rough edges hinting at a ragged and delicate life in the balance. Incorporating wire into some of my pieces is both physically challenging and visually there is a conflict between the juxtaposition of the two materials. But as the steel grinds with the ceramic surface there is a dialogue between process and subject matter - that of life on the edge; harsh, precarious, difficult.